Director’s Desk

Director MEF Enterprises

Majhar Ekbal

Mr.  Sk  Majhar  Ekabal who is a vetern  in civil, refractory and Insulation lining having more than five years experiences across varied industries in India with explore to a lot of  multi-national organization. Having started his career in  2010. He has worked with Eravon Technologies Pvt.Ltd , Kotak Mahindra , Eoryx Infotech Limited , Accenture etc. and understand the corporate culture . And  has well over experienced in the said field.

Education background: Completed Information Technology from DSI, Bangalore , Diploma in Health & Safety Environment , Diploma In Automation ( PLC,  SCADA,  C&I , Industrial Engineering) Automation Technologies, Kolkata West Bengal.


Director MEF Enterprises

Abu Atahar

Mr. Sk. Abu Atahar who is an instrumentation engineer having more than 6 years experience across varied industries in India and international. He had worked with Zenith Electrode Pvt. Ltd, Entec Project Pvt Ltd and Kharafi National.

Education background: Completed Instrumentation Engineering from SMIT, Hooghly, West Bengal. Diploma in Automation  ( PLC,  SCADA,  C&I , Industrial Engineering) Kolkata, West Bengal.